Our Strengths

Our Strengths

LMS Sourcing employs four key advantages to give our clients the edge for outstanding sourcing success. These principles, outlined below, shape our consolidated production chain, enabling us to best serve our customers according to any of their individual requirements.

Cost Competitiveness

Our established price benchmarking model helps us navigate the negotiation process factually and systemically, in order to source the finest goods on behalf of our clients. Here at LMS, we focus on medium-sized suppliers, consolidating our vendor base by category to ensure we are always in the best position to get the best deal for our clients.

Development to Delivery Process

Agility powers our production process, allowing us to switch between multiple fast-changing collections and items on the fly. Our "start to finish" production is led by technical specialists in fields such as fabric, trimming and finishing. They provide input to brands and support bulk production based on the latest innovations. Our finely-tuned forecasting & planning between clients and vendors enables LMS to consistently deliver excellent products on time.

Robust, healthy CSR & Sustainability programme

LMS’s streamlined Ethics and Sustainability guidelines define and underscore all our operation worldwide. This is enforced by a stringent Code of Compliance and robust audit methods to effectively monitor our vast network of vendors and sources.

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