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LMS Process

At LMS, we have an integrated approach that supports a brand from start to finish. Our dedicated teams combined with our global network of experienced, ethical, and socially compliant factories result in enduring quality and craftsmanship that remains consistent whether your order is 1,000 or 1,000,000 pieces.

We utilize some of the highest quality factories in the world, and hold every producer within our global network to the same high standard, because we want to be sure that the quality you approved is the quality you’ll receive. Our project management teams keep you informed at each step of the development life cycle. A strict regimen of independent testing on fabrics and garments, as well as graduated inspections and tight associated quality level (AQL) of 2.5/4.0 prior to completion, ensures fulfillment of all expectations.


In the apparel marketplace, many great products never come to fruition due to the many challenges in global apparel manufacturing. Our comprehensive focus and the ability to move concept to reality in production is the primary goal and strategy at LMS, alleviating many concerns for our clients. Our production teams keep the communication lines open and generate weekly status reports, so you are always a click or call away from the most up-to-date information about your product.

LMS follows specific guidelines to be sure the process is on track, on time, and up to our clients’ satisfaction. Some of the tools we provide so that you can be confident about your product and your process include:

An updated comprehensive pre-production and production calendar and checklist

Weekly WIP reports from merchandisers to clients

Quality control and fabric testing based upon specific requirements

Complete factory audits (and long relationships in most cases)

Globally balanced production based upon strengths

Complete United Laboratories independent inspection on final production at military AQL of 2.5/4.0 prior to shipment acceptance

Boots on the ground globally

Limitless Options

Custom Colors

Individual items or entire collections can be coordinated by color

Size & Fit

We can assist in creating fits for garments based upon your unique requirements.

Fabrication Choices

There are many choices available in fabrications today—from knit structures or weaves, to content, finish, weight, and more.

Trim Choices

Trim includes custom labels, buttons, patches, zipper-pulls, and more


Packaging includes tissue paper, printed polybags, bar codes, boxes of any specific dimension, hybrid prepackaging, ticketing, and more.

Garment Design

We can help you create a custom item or group of items specifically tailored to your current needs, or we can interpret an item you bring to us from almost any retail environment.

Product Ranges

Products Services
Polo T shirt Dresses
Hi-Fashion Garments with Embellishment Garment Dyed Garments
Indigo Denim Garments Garment washed
Pull Overs Pre shrink Garments
Blouses Discharge Print
Sweat Shirt Reactive Print
Shorts Sublimation Print
Skirt Digital Print
Mask & bibs Rotary, Automatic printing, Embroidery & more

Special Treatment

  • Garment Dyed
  • Cold Pigment Dyed
  • Lava dyeing
  • Acid and all Types of washing


  • Plain Socks
  • Jacquard Socks
  • Sports Socks
  • Ankle Socks
  • Footies in needle 108 to 192 needles
  • With wicking wash , Antibacterial wash & Many More

Fabric Specifications


  • Yarn dyed stripes
  • Combination with Elastane
  • Solid soft flow fabric dyed
  • And More


  • Yarn dyed stripes
  • Combination with Elastane
  • Solid soft flow fabric dyed
  • Single Pique, Plated Pique, Double Pique & More


  • Pointle Fabric
  • Jacquard
  • Double Plated Fabric
  • Yarn dyed stripes

French terry

  • Two / Three thread fabric
  • Stripe / Polyester fleece
  • Poly / cotton fleece
  • And More

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