Who we are

LMS was founded in 1997, under the name Lee merchandising Services. We are a sourcing specialist with 20 years of industry acumen, boasting one of the largest sourcing networks. Our portfolio spans a wide rang of sectors, from apparel, intimates, accessories and to home decorations and textiles.

LMS Sourcing businesses leverage a worldwide reach based in the most competitive locations. With a network with loyal and reliable suppliers, we are able to match demand on a comprehensive range of products. We help brands optimise sourcing costs to meet their profitability target by arbitrating among the supplier base.

We focus on strategies that anticipate and deliver effective sourcing for client brands in terms of cost, quality, service and innovation, while ensuring our production chain is socially responsible. Our in-house technical experts consistently translate designs into products of high quality. We endeavour to fully comply with local regulatory standards at the diverse markets in which our businesses operate.


We strive to ensure our clients achieve outstanding sourcing results. Our Mission outlines the goals we use to guide our services overall for greater success.

Reliable Quality

Quality and innovation they are called necessity for a reason. We believe in the importance of the everyday developing finely made products without sacrificing quality.

Garments are made with carefully selected and quality fabrics guaranteeing a high variability and preventing any type of allergy particular attention is given to the production process the accuracy of the details and the design of the product not offer the market and garment with refined taste , albeit economically sustainable

No shortcuts ; no sacrifice

LMS is committed to creating outerwear, sportswear legwear launch wear socks that feels as good as it looks responsible for the many of today's leading brands we take the long way to ensure every stitch every fibre and every design fulfil its purpose to perform ours is also a company with strong flexibility.

Our approach with the buyer to accommodate their request at 360 degree . our product consists of three words freshness , unique versatile quality and taste of buyer.

Competitive Pricing

Our standard pricing model is based on factual and systemic benchmarking.

On-Time Deliveries

We aim to deliver on time, all the time.

Ethical Sourcing

We promise to uphold socially responsible practices throughout our sourcing chain.
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Value Added Services

Wherever possible, we endeavour to meet and exceed clients' needs.

Customised Modular Services

Every project is different - customising a program that best fits each profile is our standard practice.

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