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LMS was founded in 1996, under the name "Lee Merchandising Services". We are a sourcing specialist with 20 years of indistry acumen, boasting one of the largest sourcing networks. Our portfolio spans a wide range of sectors, from apparel, initimates, accessories and gifts, to home decorations and textiles.


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In our approach to sourcing, we value versatility, creativity and above all, professionalism. Our streamlined supply chain is designed for excellence at every stage, from development to execution. We stay up to date on seasonal trends, ensuring that our clients get great service and quality on time, all the time.

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  • Casual Wovens

    Sleep Lounge Wear

    Children's Performance


Take the next step in your seasonal collection by pairing it with some of the trendiest socks today. We will work with you to design, source and produce men, ladies and kids/baby socks to suit every taste.

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  • Socks

Core Services

LMS uses proxy benchmarking to optimise COGS. We determine clients’ needs and work with them to meet their requirements, while continuously tracking placement costs to ensure competitiveness. Our fact-based negotiations, focus on medium-sized suppliers and consolidated vendor base by category strengthen our bargaining power and thus ability to drive placements in the right regions.

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    Final Inspection


Value Added Services

LMS is committed to ensuring the long-term sustainability and social responsibility of our supply chain. Our integrated sustainability system and governance model was inherited from our prior affiliation to one of the most regularly-awarded European groups for its excellence. Driven by our Code of Ethics and Code of Compliance, we have established transparent processes for third party audits at factories with overall monitoring from our in-house compliance team.

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    Social Audit

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